Yamagata University Hospital


The Medical Concierge Station was opened for the first time among the national university hospitals

In this hospital, "The Medical Concierge Station" was opened in January 2015 for the first time among the national university hospitals for the purpose of contacting hospitalized patients with heart of "hospitality" and offering comprehensive and unified services to patients in cooperation with the staff of each ward.

In this station, eight staff members consisting of five nurses, one pharmacist, and two clerks will guide the patient to be hospitalized and family of the patient individually.

Nurses (medical concierges) will hear the clinical history of each patient, confirm the attitude of accepting diseases and the life of the patient and family before hospitalization, and give guidance for the life during hospitalization. To mitigate the patient's troubles and uneasiness before hospitalization, the staff will work in cooperation with doctors who can give appropriate advices. Furthermore, for offer of safe medical care, pain screening and cognitive function screening for cancer patients are implemented and they will be consigned to a professional upon request.

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