Yamagata University Hospital

Patient from Overseas

International residential patients are kindly requested to contact an International medical coordinator (EAJ).

As a general rule, we ask international residential patients to contact an international medical coordinator in order to arrange consultations and ensure safe treatment. Yamagata University Hospital has a coordination agreement with Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ). Our Medical Affairs Section works closely with EAJ to provide care and treatment for international patients. International residential patients who would like to have consultations and treatment at Yamagata University Hospital are kindly requested to contact EAJ first. This is necessary to ensure that consultations and treatment are conducted smoothly and safely. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please note that the coordination fees are to be borne by patients.

Flow chart

International residential patients

Emergency Assistance Japan(EAJ)

Yamagata University Hospital

Medical coordination services provided by EAJ

  • Guarantor / Medical Stay Visa (*) support
  • Intermediary payment of Treatment fees
  • Arrangement of interpreters
  • 24 hours hot line service in multiple languages etc

Contact to EAJ

Contact Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. International Medical Coordination Department
Address Izumihakusan Bldg., 2-29-4 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0001
+81 3 3811 8600 +81 3 3811 8650 mj-info@emergency.co.jp
HP http://maj.emergency.co.jp/